About A1 Angler Development

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The Problem


I stood at the Indianapolis Boat Sport and Travel show near the “Hawg Trough”. I was a 16 year old bright eyed and bushy tailed high school angler hoping to just rub shoulders and if I was lucky, shoot the breeze with the likes of Jacob Wheeler and Mike Iaconelli. I started tournament fishing that past summer and was absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, in love with the sport. So where else would newly in love, crazy eyed, and flat out passionate high school anglers go to quench their thirst during the winter(you know what I’m talking about)? Yep, the boat show.

Now the question that really stuck with me that day came from a parent in the crowd of a seminar by some pro angler. This parent, intrigued by the sport and looking for ways to get her junior high angler involved adamantly inquired, “so how do you get involved in this fishing thing if you don’t have a boat”? “Err, uhhhh, well…..you see” the professional stammered, “you have to know someone with a boat and maybe be a co-angler.” Not satisfied but not wanting to push, the parent took her seat with a look of disdain on her face.

I was fortunate enough to have a high quality boat. This question was never an issue to me but to many it posed a large problem. While there were those who volunteered and a few who took young anglers under their wing, many junior anglers were left fishing from the bank. Today with the explosion of the sport, the shortage of captains, mentors, and volunteers has been only magnified. The barriers to entry are high and the demand for boaters is much greater than the supply. It was clear, the questioned needed another answer

The Solution


The last 4 years since my junior year of college the question began to weigh on me heavily while I was volunteering to boat captain in junior tournaments back home. I decided to figure out a better way and work on the solution to this problem junior anglers everywhere were facing. It became clear, these young anglers not only needed the equipment but also the mentorship and leadership of someone who had been there before. This eventually led to the beginning of  A1 Angler Development.

To me, the solution is to provide what junior athletes in every other major sport were receiving. Individualized training and opportunity from credible, and exceptional coaches in the sport. Who has the equipment? Well I do. Who has the experience and knowledge? I suppose I have that too. Who needs a job soon!? Me!

At A1 we provide the solution. We fill the need of equipment, knowledge, mentorship, and coaching all in one place. We offer services that allow junior anglers to compete, learn, and position themselves for the most success without having to break down the high barriers to entry and we do it with value and a price that can not be duplicated on your own.

Now, when parents ask “how do you get involved in fishing without a boat and how do you fish in college” the answer is clear, you come join the only athletic club specifically designed for competitive fishing. A1 Angler Development.

A1 Angler Development Club’s mission is to use our experience and resources to provide junior anglers in Southeast Michigan the opportunity to achieve success in fishing and compete for collegiate fishing scholarships. A1 is dedicated to providing the best on the water and off the water services tailored to develop better anglers, students, and people.

  • Safety. A1’s operations are implemented in such a way as to minimize risk and avoid any type of injury to the coaches or participants. Safety is our highest priority for the program anglers.


  • Ethical Operation. A1 follows all legal guidelines and also all unwritten ethical codes involved in fishing. A1 aims to pass on principles of high ethical operation to the program anglers.


  • Integrity. A1 operates with honesty and ethical operation at all times. A1 strives to do the right thing in all situations. A1 aims to instill principles of integrity into program anglers as well.


  • Humility. A1 works to remain humble and thankful for the chance to offer the services provided. A1 works to instill this principle of humility into all program anglers who are also fortunate to have exceptional opportunities. 


  • Service. A1 is committed to delivering remarkable service in every area of the club. A1 believes in treating others how we would want to be treated and lets this principle guide the level of service provided.


  • Empowerment. A1 is dedicated to empowering the anglers to achieve their individual dreams and goals. Through A1 programs, anglers are given the tools to succeed now and down the road.


  • Highest Standards. A1 is passionate about becoming the unrivaled industry standard by achieving the best results for anglers, parents, and the community.

At A1 we provide the solution. We fill the need of equipment, knowledge, mentorship, and coaching all in one place. We offer services that allow junior anglers to compete, learn, and position themselves for the most success. The highest barriers to entry are equipment and time to get on the water. This is why we focus on lowering these barriers and getting anglers on the water. We break down the high barriers to entry and we do it with added value and a price that is hard to duplicated on your own. 


A1 also separates itself by having mentors with first hand knowledge and experience of how the college fishing scene works. We not only know about college fishing, but we know how fishing on a scholarship team works and what the process is like. There are many great anglers out there, but at A1 we have a passion for developing young talent and helping you through your journey in fishing. 


 A1 also offers the best service and attention to our clients. Our service, attitude, and all-around above and beyond delivery is an important part of our identity. 


Along with service, A1 aims to only offer the best in equipment. A1 will have tournament ready equipment good enough for any professional. With the aid of sponsors in the future this will only become easier and allows us to continue to separate ourselves with our premium equipment and service.


A1 also will be able to offer services such as video editing, media consulting, college advice, and angler representation. All of these services are overlooked and expensive separately, but will only add small additional cost and significant value to our clients.

“Nothing can replace time on the water for setting yourself up to be a quality angler. Use this time to find a mentor to help you gain knowledge fast and show you how to find fish and how to catch them.” -Anglr Labs

In today’s generation of savvy learners and the gold mine of information available on the internet, the ability to teach yourself about anything online has become the norm. The learning curve for fishing has been reduced a good amount by online sources, videos, and social media. One might think they know it all before they even hit the water. While A1 is supportive of these information outlets and what they provide, there is still nothing that compare to on-the-water experience and the knowledge and confidence it can build.

Taking a technique from Youtube to the water may seem easy, but indeed, learning to fish with your gut and knowing how to break down lake conditions and then decide on a technique is much more valuable, and obtainable only through time on the water. There is no amount of videos, seminars, webinars, or articles that can provide the learning experience of first hand on the water interaction and instruction. Through our years of learning and fishing we can assure you this is true. While we do not underestimate the ability to learn from online sources it will never compare to time on the water and being an actual practitioner of the sport.

The other key component of fishing you will never experience and learn through online or off-the-water sources is how to operate a boat and use your marine equipment to its fullest potential. Boat control and operation is a major safety hazard as well as an often overlooked key to getting the most out of your fishing. It is pertinent you have a handle on controlling, operating, and maintaining marine equipment, especially for those who wish to be considered by college teams. The only way to get this is on the water.

This is why our services focus on-the-water with off-the-water supplemental materials to help you grow. With our experience we know we can grow your angling and boat operational abilities in our program.