Codes of Conduct

A1 ownership and contracted coaches are held to the highest level of conduct while operating under or in any A1 Angler Development programs. A1 understands the importance of having great people who conduct themselves in a professional manner especially when providing a service to youth anglers.

Failure to conduct oneself according to these codes of conduct will result in termination of any contract and dismissal from the club pending a review by A1 ownership.

  • I will commit to using A1 company values to guide my decisions
  • I will operate under the highest ethical principles on and off the water while representing or working with the A1 brand
  • I will operate in a manner that puts angler safety first
  • I will refrain from using profanity or vulgar language
  • I will refrain from using social media to engage in inappropriate dialogue or posts
  • I will refrain from using illegal drugs or alcohol
  • I will represent the A1 brand with respect and dignity any time I am involved with an A1 program or wearing A1 gear
  • I will use my knowledge, talents, and best of my coaching ability to bring my anglers to new levels of ability
  • I will not be involved in any physical violence or any threat of physical violence to another person
  • I will not verbally abuse or use physical punishment to get the most from my anglers or anyone
  • I will follow all laws, regulations, tournament rules, and A1 policies to my best ability
  • I will not guarantee scholarships, money, or winning of any kind to any angler in an A1 program
  • I will work to ensure each angler has been given the tools necessary to become a better angler and put in a position to achieve success
  • I will work on and off the water to ensure I am the best coach/mentor I can be for my anglers
  • I will communicate effectively with A1 ownership, anglers, and parents regarding all matters
  • I will remain positive and work to ensure my anglers have fun

Any angler who fails to abide by these codes of conduct is subject to expulsion from the club pending an investigation by A1 ownership.

If an angler is found in the wrong and dismissed from the club no refunds will provided by A1 and all club dues become due within ten(10) days of the dismissal.

Anglers within A1 Angler Development programs are expected and required to conduct themselves according to the following codes:

  • I will operate in the highest ethical manner on and off the water
  • “Would I want someone else to do this to me?”
  • I will work hard during and in between sessions to improve myself
  • I will be a team player and communicate with my teammate and coaches
  • I will respect A1 property and equipment as if it were my own
  • I will respect A1 coaches, my parents, other anglers, and opponents at all times
  • I will participate in any physical violence or threat of physical violence to another person
  • I will not participate in use of illegal drugs or alcohol
  • I will refrain from using profanity or vulgar speech during my time with the program
  • I will obey and follow all laws, regulations, tournament rule, and A1 club policies to my best abilities
  • I understand the any results of the program pertaining to scholarships and achievements are not guaranteed and also heavily impacted by my willingness to commit and work inside and outside the program
  • I will have fun no matter the results!

A1 wants to have the best fans and supporters of the anglers. When your angler is a part of A1, you are part of A1. Since that is the case, A1 wants to make sure parents are representing the brand in a positive light that A1 has worked hard to build

Failure to conduct according to these codes could result in sanctions at the discretion of A1 ownership.

Parents of A1 Angler Development anglers are asked to follow these codes of conduct:

  • I will focus on praise and encouragement of my angler
  • I will contain only use constructive criticism that builds up an angler
  • I will refrain from usuing social media to engage in inappropriate dialogue or posts
  • I will remain respectful and kind to A1 ownership and coaches and respect final decisions made by A1
  • I will not gossip about, or put any competing anglers or clubs in a negative light
  • I will treat coaches, fans, parents, and other anglers as I would want to be treated
  • I understand coaching is not an exact science and all decisions by A1 will not be perfect but are in the best interest of the angler’s safety and skill advancement
  • I will respect and abide to A1’s policies and agree with final decisions within these policies
  • If I have complaints or worries, I will privately discuss them in an amicable way with A1 management and ownership first
  • I will refrain from using profanity, alcohol, or illicit drugs at events related to A1 programs